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From the start, we had to ensure that the core brand design and the messages that underlie it work equally well across a growing range of products and meet the high standards of premium retailers.

Eye-catching, evocative packaging, distinctive photography and key details of the history behind the products are only the most visible elements of this process. We have also worked alongside the producerís team to develop his ideas and bring them to market.

Issues that we have tackled range from the exact weight and shape of a tea bag to the way that a carton needs to be cut and how it will be stacked on the shelves. We have liaised with trading standards, food regulatory authorities and even the US Food and Drug Administration to ensure that labelling meets legal standards.

This combined creative thinking has helped Summerdown to extend its range from its original chocolate peppermint creams to include peppermint tea, travel sweets, essential oils and chocolate mint crisps. More products are in the pipeline.

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